Little About Our Foundation

‘Sahabhaag Wefare Foundation’ is dedicated to two causes:
1.Empowerment of underprivileged children by nurturing their latent talent in sports, arts and science. Sahabhaag is involved in Sports Inquilab Project for the dream of taking underprivileged children from ‘street’ to ‘podium’.
2.Promotion of Olympic Sports: Sahabhaag is supporting the training of many nationally and internationally ranked table tennis players and a few specially abled para-table tennis players.

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The Sahabhaag Welfare Foundation was founded by Sanmay Paranjape, an international table tennis player and coach from Pune, with the goal of training street children in table tennis. The concept for the foundation originated from the Sports Inqiuilab Project, which was founded by Sanmay with the belief that all children, regardless of their background, have the right to pursue their dreams of becoming athletes. Through this foundation, Sanmay aims to provide opportunities for disadvantaged children to develop their skills and achieve success in sports.

Our Mission and Goals


To boost self-confidence of underprivileged children And raise their moral


To keep children and youth away from the trappings of crime and addiction.


To give children the pure joy of playing and learning


creating future employment opportunities for youth through sports.

Encourage Youth.

Train Table Tennis champions who can bring glory to their district, state and nation.


Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.